Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recast Digital Delivers HD Flash Video with RVD1

2009 will be the year of Full screen HD video on the Web.

Recast Digital is a provider of High Definition (HD) Internet video streaming services.

Recast Digital combines advanced Flash Player development with vastly scalable video delivery mechanisms to offer content owners, media businesses, and online advertisers, a highly effective method of serving ultra-high quality interactive on-demand - and live - video to large audiences.

Recast Digital's Flash-based RDV1 player senses the computer power and bandwidth available to the user, and adjusts the definition accordingly up to the 3.2 Mbit/s required for full HD quality. They have re-engineered Flash using existing codecs so that it enables HD content very smoothly, even across the internet and works with Adobe Flash 9 or above. The player supports the following quality and bandwidth options:
  • 580 Kb/s - WD Bronze
  • 736 Kb/s - WD Silver
  • 1036 Kb/s - WD Gold
  • 860 Kb/s - SD Bronze
  • 1.2 Mb/s - SD Silver
  • 1.7 Mb/s - SD Gold
  • 1.2 Mb/s - HD Bronze
  • 2.2 Mb/s - HD Silver
  • 3.2 Mb/s - HD Gold
Experience the Recast Digital high-definition Web video on their demo site.

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