Thursday, November 29, 2007

IMINDI Thought Engine for Collective Intelligence

IMINDI is a Web 2.0 application to collect and expand your thoughts by exploring and connecting with the thoughts of other Like Minds. It is a "Thought Engine" that can augment the way we think of new ideas, concepts and questions based on the idea of mind maps.

Mind mapping is taken to a new level by allowing everyone’s thoughts to be collected together. The interface is an interactive visual map of your mind called a "Journey". Each Journey has its own theme, and once you have chosen a starting thought you can travel to wherever your mind takes you. People can share their thoughts or make them public. Journeys can be connected to expand your thoughts and take them in new directions.

On top of the IMINDI Thought Engine new and useful applications are built that enable you to attach the information to your thoughts such as:
  • IMINDI Write - an online word processor where you can produce "Essay" documents with keywords marked up with links back to your Journeys
  • IMINDI Search - A meta search engine that enables you to use the thoughts in your Journeys as queries to all the major search engines
  • IMINDI Thought Agent - A recommendation engine where IMINDI looks at the thoughts in your Journeys and suggests related thoughts and Like Minds
  • IMINDI This! - A book mark that enables you to link websites of interest directly to your thoughts in a Journey as a resource
Check out the Journey on the Thought Engine to experience this unique online collective intelligence tool. Collaborative mind mapping is a nice way to collect and harness Collective Intelligence.


adam said...

Thank you so much for the write up! So far its been pretty hard to commmunicate that the magic of Imindi is fact that Like Minded people can connect by their thoughts and that therefore collective intelligence can be built on top of the "Thought Engine" - You were one of the first people to really get it! The new UI will really make it all much clearer. Would love to get in contact to share more with you.

Geekr said...

Hi Adam! I am happy that you like the post about IMINDI. I usually try to follow the topics I wrote about. Keep up the good work on IMINDI. I am looking forward to the new UI.