Friday, June 29, 2007

Tonight is the Premiere of the iPhone

Friday, June 29 6pm - the ultimate gadget goes on sale - the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone is the most hyped device of 2007. Announced by Steve Jobs on 9 January it already has a detailed iPhone Wikipedia entry. Contrary to its name the iPhone is not a phone. It is rather a personal companion or a mobile communications and entertainment device. E-mail, instant messaging, full web browsing, iPod, YouTube, camera, google maps and more - one device to rule them all.

The expectations are high but the reviews and the scorecard shows that the iPhone "Matches Most of its Hype". The Apple brand has an iconic status. Can it take over Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG and Samsung? The iPhone is not really about a phone. iPhone is a lifestyle which will not go head-to-head with other handsets.

Apple has made smart decisions based on user requirements. The battery life is more important than broadband everywhere. Therefore the iPhone does not support 3G which would quickly drain its batteries.

It is extremely simple and intuitive to use unlike most cellphones. iPhone is what smart-phones could have been were they designed with the user in mind!

This is my last Innowave blog post before my summer holiday in a far away country where wireless broadband internet is still decades away. See you later!

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